About Advance College

We are an independent school that provides innovative learning and development opportunities, that positively impact on our students and their local communities. We know that mainstream schooling isn’t for everyone, that’s why we offer an alternative education setting that is driven by an individualised approach for each of our students. The Advance College learning environment is upbeat, engaging, non-judgemental and supported by strong community partnerships. This enables each student to achieve successful educational and social outcomes, whilst maximising their vocational potential.

Advance College utilises the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) which uses therapeutic practice to inform a positive education framework. This assists staff to meet the specific needs of our students in their pursuit of positive achievements in education. This holistic program is the first of its kind to show significant academic growth in students by combining a focus on welfare, wellbeing, and proven approaches to learning.
We are also proud to be a Respectful Relationships school, a program developed by the Victorian Department of Education that sees to promote and model respect, positive attitudes and behaviours. This program in turn assists to create a culture of respect and equality across our entire community.

​We have adopted the school motto of ‘Be Kind, Work Hard’. Simple and clear, we strive for our students to become compassionate leaders, with strong skills in team work and independent thinking; well prepared for whatever the future may hold.

Our Vision

To CREATE change through education

Our Mission

To meet the individual learning needs of our community through best practice learning experiences

Our Values

CourageWe understand that doing the right thing is not always doing what is easy.
RespectWe value diversity and treat everyone fairly, recognising individual contributions.
EmpathyWe are kind and extend ourselves to understand other perspectives and experiences.
AccountabilityWe work hard and are individually accountable and collectively responsible.
TrustWe say what we mean and act with integrity.
EmpowermentWe support our colleagues and community to be the best that they can be.

New 2023-2024 College Handbook to come.